The Big Rescue - Yeah right!

Modern days Sherlock Holmes is investigating the story around Todd Russell and Brant Webb, two miners rescued from a mine in Tasmania. This far it seems that the story is made of 100% Tasmanian bullshit.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The lies

1) Big rock vs. Millions of smaller rocks

Previously told: The miners are safe because of a big piece of rock had protected the miners in their steel cage from smaller and much more fatal rocks from falling on them.

The story after the payment of nearly 3 million dollars: The miners had been in constant danger because there wasn’t any one big rock but millions of smaller rocks. These smaller rocks were held in place by a piece of mesh measuring 1 meter square.

Notice: During the operations rescuers gave very detailed information about the big piece of rock protecting the miners. This information came from the miners themselves. Now they seem to change their story. Maybe they were in a shock? Yeah right!

2) Enough space in the cage vs. No space at all

Previously told: The miners are in the steel cage where they were working from. They are able to move a little bit even outside the cage. They are able to stretch themselves.

The story after the payment of nearly 3 million dollars: There wasn’t any space to stretch. They had only maximum of 80 cm free space upon them.

Notice: The rescuers had information given from the miners themselves that they have space to stretch. These guys even told that one of them had been digging a 5.5 meter tunnel when trying find their way out. So, if they could dig a 5.5 meter tunnel, how on earth couldn’t they stretch themselves?

3) “We thought about cutting our legs off”

The miners told that they had thought about cutting their legs off. It is a little bit unclear why this thought came up to their minds. The other miner told that he cut off his boot to get his leg freed. Previously we have been told that only one of these guys had a little bit problems with his leg. Now they are telling us that they both were thinking about amputating their legs with sharp and modified (how?) Stanley knives.

Notice: There aren’t any bruises shown, not even in pictures. Maybe these miners just recovered so quickly? Yeah right!

4) Buried under 3 quarters of a ton of rock

Previously told: One of the miners had his leg under a piece of rocks. He cut his boot off to get his leg freed. Otherwise both of the miners were in terrific condition, singing Kenny Rogers songs.

The story after the payment of nearly 3 million dollars: Both of the miners were buried under rock. The other one was buried under 3 quarters of a ton i.e. 750 kilos and was unable to move at all. In fact he could move his head only. It took 4 hours and 15 minutes to move the 750 kilos of rock off the miner. This moving operation was made in a steel cage where only around 80 cm of free space was left.

Notice: We have been told that there was a big rock above their cage protecting the miners from the smaller rocks. The big rock was acting as a block. We have also been told that the other miner had his leg stuck under some pieces of rock, but he got it quite easily released. The size of the cage is around 1.2 x 2 meters in real life. The miners have told us that (apparently) because of the massive amount of rocks in the cage the free space was shrunken into around 80 cm. How is it possible to work for 4 hours and 15 minutes and move 750 kilos of rock with bare hands in such a small place? Well, it isn’t. The space was 1.2 x 2 meters + some space outside the cage, as told before.

5) Yelling to the fellow miner

The other miner (Mr. Russell) has told that he yelled to find out if his fellow (Mr. Webb) was ok. After repeatedly yelling a couple of times he finally got an answer.

Notice: The miners have told us that they were trapped in a very small place and they had only 80 cm of free space. So, they were trapped in a cage sized around 1.2 x 2.0 meters or as they have now told us in a cage with 80 cm of free space i.e. either way they were right next to each other. In a place this small you do not have to yell to your friend to find out if he is okay. This could be done buy simply asking with a normal voice. It would be even possible to reach your hand and touch your colleague. Right, it wasn’t possible to touch because Mr. Russell was trapped under 750 kilos of rock and Mr. Webb had his leg stuck under a smaller amount of rock. This all took place in an area sized around 80 cm x 80 cm. Yeah right!

6) Writing down letters on their hands and their overalls

The miners had written letters two their loved ones on their hands and on their overalls. The overalls are told to be left in the cage. Yeah right, the rescuers have left their overalls into the cage? I assume that they have also left the other boot which was cut off, as well as the Stanley knives they were planning to use as tools when amputating their legs.

Notice: There’ve been told that there is a cigarette package given to the other miners wife who currently “holds” the package. There are no proof of such letters and writings. Where are the pencils? Maybe they are left into the cage with the overalls? Yeah right!

7) The lost half of the musli bar

Previously told: The miners had eaten up one musli bar only, before the first rescue hole was drilled and they were given supplies and food.

The story after the payment of nearly 3 million dollars: The other half of the musli bar was lost when tussling and turning in the cage. So, after this the miners had been splitting the other half and this was all they had eaten.

Notice: How can you tussle and turn in such a small cage where you are trapped like a rat? How can you lose the half of a musli bar when you have enough light to write letters to your loved ones? The answer is you can’t. If the half of the musli bar really was lost, it was lost into one or the other stomach.

8) “Todd was in trouble. I knew that. I was buried up to the armpits. So all I could do was just say ‘Look buddy, we’ve got to hold on cause I’ve got to get to help you.” Mr. Webb said

Mr. Webb tells that when he was buried under 750 kilos of rock he told Mr. Russell that he had to come to help Mr. Russell who only had one of his legs trapped. Mr. Russell is the guy who was the one who was more near to death than Mr. Webb, at least according to their own stories. What was Mr. Webb thinking? He couldn’t move himself. Was he asking for help to get himself released and after that “release Mr. Russell”? Yeah right

9) Toxins of the body

“I was aware that with a crush injury we had to get my leg free within a four-hour period because the toxins in the body could transfer through and kill you”. Mr. Russell said.

Yeah right, what toxins???

10) Mr. Russels breathing problems

“Mr. Russell also revealed his breathing became dangerously shallow and he vomited at one stage as he lay buried with only his hands free and feared he was nearing his final breath.”

Notice: Wasn’t it Mr. Russel who had only one of his legs buried? No, in this part of the story it is Mr. Russel who was lying under 750 kilos of rock and was having death experience and taking his final breaths. It was Mr. Webb who cut off his shoe and got loose and started to work for 4 hours and 15 minutes to move 750 kilos of rock with his bare hands. After this Mr. Webb was apparently the one who dug a 5.5 meters tunnel and “returned” two the cage wet and cold just get a hug from his partner. In this part of the story Mr. Russell has “only his hands” free though he told before that the only thing free was his head. Yeah right!

11) Shouting stopped

“I knew he was in trouble when he stopped shouting for my name.” Mr. Webb said

Notice: Mr. Russell shouted Mr. Webbs name while he was buried under 750 kilos of rock. Mr. Russell could only move his head (and hands, depends of the story) a little bit. They had lights on their helmets and even a usable cigarette lighter. Still Mr. Russell had to shout Mr. Webbs name to make sure that Mr. Webb was really there - within a meter distance. Did Mr. Russell continually shout literally into Mr. Webbs ear when Mr. Webb was cutting his boot off and even thinking of amputating his leg with a very sharp Stanley knife? Yeah right!

13) Modifying their Stanley knives

“After five or six days, during which the miners continued to scream for help, feeling returned to his (Mr. Russell) leg. Neverthless, they modified their Stanley knives to prepare for its amputation.”

Notice: How did they actually “modify” their knives in their cage to suite better for an amputation? Why on earth were they preparing themselves for the amputation when the feeling came back? Yeah right!

The story continues… stay tuned!

Yours truly
Sherlock Holmes

The 3 million TV Show "The Big Rescue"

Channel 9 finally won the race between Australian TV channels. Channel 9 representative wrote a cheque for nearly 3 million dollars and gave it to Mr. Russell and Mr. Webb. This must be the highest price ever paid for a load of bullshit - in the world history.

Watching the the program "The Big Rescue" and reading all possible comments available after the aired television program I was personally left nearly speechless. These two miners from Tasmania were clearly telling us a bunch of lies.

The big question is, did Channel 9 actually know that they were buying 100 % Tasmanian bullshit? And did the interviewer Tracy Grimshaw really believe in this bullshit herself? She did cry during the "The Big Rescue" - why? Maybe she cried on behalf of Channel 9 and their decision to pay 3 million for bullshit? Tracy Grimshaw is a very experinced TV host. Ironically, she is the leading host for the program Current Affair - which usually reveals some of the biggest bullshit stories, rip-offs etc. in Australia.

The Hype

After the miners were rescued and got up from their trap, the media circus grew exponentially. Australian TV rivals Channel 7 and Channel 9 were racing to get "the story". Channel 9 was fastest to orchestrate a charity concert in Tasmania. Channel 9 boss Mr. Eddie "Everywhere" McGuire flew personally to Tasmania to meet the miners and to act as a host for the concert.

First thing the rescued miners Mr. Russell and Mr. Webb did after their release was hiring an agent and zip their lips. Nobody would get a word from them - before a fat cheque was written. Even charity concert host Eddie McGuires single question of how things really were in the mine, was shot down. Nothing would be told before either Channel 7 of Channel 9 would show the money.

Somehow, nobody seemed to ask what these miners could tell that wasn't already been told? We already knew how deep they were, what supplies they had been given, what food they had been given and what music they had wanted to hear from their ipods, h
ow they had survived, what jokes they had been telling, their position in the steel cage etc.


The story is about two Tasmanian miners – Mr. Russell and Mr. Webb - who were trapped in a gold mine for two weeks, nearly 1 km underground as a result of a rock fall. One miner died but luckily these two miners were rescued. So as said, Mr. Russell and Mr. Webb were trapped for two weeks before they could be taken up from their underground cage. During this time an enormous hype was grown around the rescue operation. However, during this operation very specific details of the trapped miners position and of the overall conditions were given. The viewers could see detailed graphics shown in TV and newspapers from underground, including position of the miners, details of the rock fall, details of the cage were the miners where in and so on.