The Big Rescue - Yeah right!

Modern days Sherlock Holmes is investigating the story around Todd Russell and Brant Webb, two miners rescued from a mine in Tasmania. This far it seems that the story is made of 100% Tasmanian bullshit.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The 3 million TV Show "The Big Rescue"

Channel 9 finally won the race between Australian TV channels. Channel 9 representative wrote a cheque for nearly 3 million dollars and gave it to Mr. Russell and Mr. Webb. This must be the highest price ever paid for a load of bullshit - in the world history.

Watching the the program "The Big Rescue" and reading all possible comments available after the aired television program I was personally left nearly speechless. These two miners from Tasmania were clearly telling us a bunch of lies.

The big question is, did Channel 9 actually know that they were buying 100 % Tasmanian bullshit? And did the interviewer Tracy Grimshaw really believe in this bullshit herself? She did cry during the "The Big Rescue" - why? Maybe she cried on behalf of Channel 9 and their decision to pay 3 million for bullshit? Tracy Grimshaw is a very experinced TV host. Ironically, she is the leading host for the program Current Affair - which usually reveals some of the biggest bullshit stories, rip-offs etc. in Australia.


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