The Big Rescue - Yeah right!

Modern days Sherlock Holmes is investigating the story around Todd Russell and Brant Webb, two miners rescued from a mine in Tasmania. This far it seems that the story is made of 100% Tasmanian bullshit.

Monday, May 22, 2006

The Hype

After the miners were rescued and got up from their trap, the media circus grew exponentially. Australian TV rivals Channel 7 and Channel 9 were racing to get "the story". Channel 9 was fastest to orchestrate a charity concert in Tasmania. Channel 9 boss Mr. Eddie "Everywhere" McGuire flew personally to Tasmania to meet the miners and to act as a host for the concert.

First thing the rescued miners Mr. Russell and Mr. Webb did after their release was hiring an agent and zip their lips. Nobody would get a word from them - before a fat cheque was written. Even charity concert host Eddie McGuires single question of how things really were in the mine, was shot down. Nothing would be told before either Channel 7 of Channel 9 would show the money.

Somehow, nobody seemed to ask what these miners could tell that wasn't already been told? We already knew how deep they were, what supplies they had been given, what food they had been given and what music they had wanted to hear from their ipods, h
ow they had survived, what jokes they had been telling, their position in the steel cage etc.


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