The Big Rescue - Yeah right!

Modern days Sherlock Holmes is investigating the story around Todd Russell and Brant Webb, two miners rescued from a mine in Tasmania. This far it seems that the story is made of 100% Tasmanian bullshit.

Monday, May 22, 2006


The story is about two Tasmanian miners – Mr. Russell and Mr. Webb - who were trapped in a gold mine for two weeks, nearly 1 km underground as a result of a rock fall. One miner died but luckily these two miners were rescued. So as said, Mr. Russell and Mr. Webb were trapped for two weeks before they could be taken up from their underground cage. During this time an enormous hype was grown around the rescue operation. However, during this operation very specific details of the trapped miners position and of the overall conditions were given. The viewers could see detailed graphics shown in TV and newspapers from underground, including position of the miners, details of the rock fall, details of the cage were the miners where in and so on.


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